Summertime, and the ridin’ is easy…

mySPIN for two-wheelers is the link between the smartphone and motorcycle.
Connect your anything

You’re on the road with your motorcycle? And you want to use your smartphone? That’s no problem at all with mySPIN for two-wheelers. The mySPIN for two-wheelers solution is safe and easy to use thanks to the voice control feature and handlebar controls, so your hands can stay where they should be – on the handlebars.

We asked the motorcyclists

Ninety percent of motorcyclists use a smartphone while on the road, sometimes even while riding – but generally when preparing a tour or taking a break. It is highly inconvenient, though, having to pull over, take off your helmet and pull off your gloves just to use your phone.


And what are you going to do if, all of a sudden, the weather worsens, the road is blocked, and the route needs changing? What motorcyclists use most – besides music and radio apps – are navigation, weather information, rider assistance and communication apps.

All of them wish they could use these apps safely and conveniently also during the ride without endangering themselves or anyone else.

Share your data

Besides navigation and weather, detailed information about the topography and road conditions is especially relevant to motorcyclists. In this age of cloud services, motorcycle manufacturers are prepared to make relevant data available for use by rider assistance systems.

What is more, more than half of the motorcyclists are prepared to share data like the vehicle’s fuel consumption, performance, and condition with the manufacturer so the latter can improve their services.

Even more motorcyclists also want to share their data with friends. Riders like to stay connected with one another. Not only do they like riding in groups, they also like to share their experiences and knowledge about routes they have taken. A great many motorcyclists also want to inform others about hazards, difficult terrain, and traffic jams encountered during their ride – or about a spot affording a particularly beautiful view.


Further information is available in our white paper

What the developers say

During a hackathon at Bosch Connected World, we presented the mySPIN SDK to developers, and they got really excited about it straight away. For many app developers, the focus is on connecting motorcyclists to one another in a community. Riders can then stay in touch and quickly share information among themselves. Mobility solutions like Coup, for instance, provide their customers with better service through an app.

From the manufacturers’ perspective, the availability of real-time information is seen as a valuable resource that will enable them to warn motorcyclists about hazards in good time and prevent accidents.

The missing link

Eighty percent of surveyed motorcyclists were impressed mySPIN for two-wheelers. They like its concept and ease of use. They want to have navigation functionality and riding recommendations on their vehicle display. And they want information about the vehicle condition and fuel consumption. mySPIN for two-wheelers makes this possible by providing the necessary link between the vehicle and app and between the driver and the information.

mySPIN for 2Wheelers

mySPIN enables convenient use of apps on motorcycles and other two-wheelers for a whole new riding experience and enhanced safety.


mySPIN for Cars

mySPIN bridges the gap between vehicle and smartphone. It lets the user access their apps, data, and content while driving.


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mySPIN apps

With mySPIN, you can use an impressive selection of popular apps from various different categories.

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